Business Expansion With StepN Clone

StepN Clone is a one-of-a-kind platform in the Web3 space promoting health among global users. With the evolution of play-to-earn games, the StepN platform has crossed paths to support fitness enthusiasts and enabled them to earn lucrative crypto rewards for the distance they walk. 

StepN has evolved as a revolutionary Web3-based platform in the crypto market. While the majority of the play-to-earn gaming platforms promote gamers playing from the same position throughout the day. Which paves way for an unhealthy lifestyle. On the other hand, StepN Clone promotes physical health and mental health among its users by rewarding them with lucrative crypto assets. 

For fitness enthusiasts across the globe, carrying out their physical activity, such as walking or jogging outdoors, would be on their daily checklist. StepN Clone platform can leverage the importance fitness enthusiasts give to their workouts to gain a loyal user base. 

Why Choose StepN Clone

As discussed above in the blog, stepN is a unique, rewarding platform in the Web3 space. The majority of the play-to-earn game models are similar in structure, while Stepn has a unique structure. The probability of StepN Clone gaining everlasting user traction is very high compared to monotonous play-to-earn game models. 

The StepN Clone development offers entrepreneurs a complete crypto ecosystem. With the StepN Clone application, an exclusive marketplace, and a unique dual crypto token system. This powerful StepN Clone development package widens the revenue-generating scope for budding entrepreneurs in the Web3 space. 

Highlights Of StepN Clone’s Mechanism

The below-mentioned working mechanism of the StepN clone explains how the move-to-earn platform integrates the elements of the crypto ecosystem to reward the users based on their performance. 

Earning Checklist

The StepN clone uses various parameters to reward users according to their performance genuinely. The application uses a GPS signal to track the user's outdoor movement. The dedicated algorithm ensures that the users are running at the particular speed range that the NFT sneaker supports. 

Anti-Cheating System

The anti-cheating mechanism in the StepN clone consists of desensitized GPS, motion sensor and health data, After completing the registration, the users will be required to purchase sneakers as NFT from your StepN Clone NFT marketplace in order to earn rewards for outdoor activities. 

Various sneaker categories in the NFT marketplace are specially designed to match the running speed of the user. Various NFT sneakers category includes walker, jogger, runner, and trainer sneakers. The StepN Clone’s Anti-Cheating System monitors the speed in which the user moves and rewards accordingly. 

How Dual Token Model Works In StepN Clone

The StepN clone uses a dual token method to reward users and for various other purposes enabling users to accomplish various activities in the StepN Clone ecosystem. For instance, let's say the StepN clone has two tokens, token ‘A’ and token ‘B’

Token A in StepN Clone has an unlimited supply, and it can be used to reward users for accomplishing achievements in the application. Token A, with unlimited supply, can be used to purchase NFTs from the marketplace, sneaker repairs, and other in-game activities. 

Token B in the StepN clone ecosystem is restricted to a limited token supply which also provides the users with governance benefits. Moreover, after collecting a particular amount of Token ‘A’, users can burn token ‘A’ for token ‘B’. Token B can be traded in various crypto exchange platforms.  

Business Expansion With StepN Clone

StepN Clone has been a perfect platform for entrepreneurs to generate revenue. The clone application has widened the scope of revenue generation from multiple sources in the crypto ecosystem. 

Revenue From NFT Marketplace

The StepN Clone NFT marketplace serves as the primary source of revenue generation for entrepreneurs. It is essential for all StepN clone users to purchase an NFT from the marketplace to earn crypto rewards. In addition, the marketplace can generate other revenues such as minting fees, renting fees, transaction fees, and much more. 

Rising Token Value

Token B is restricted with limited supply. Users will work towards achieving token B creating demand and enhancing the token supply.  In addition, Token B can be listed in various crypto exchange platforms fetching investors to stake your crypto token B.

StepN Clone Application Revenue

StepN Clone application is the binding factor that helps other ecosystem elements to generate revenue. There are numerous avenues in the application to generate revenues. 

Events are a great way to engage audiences and, at the same time, generate revenues. The Clone application enables the business venture to set entry fees to participate in an event and award top performers with attractive crypto assets. 

There are numerous brands looking out for perfect platforms to level up their marketing to Web# space. This paves the perfect possibility for another revenue-generating possibility. The business models can collaborate with sports brands to promote their brands through advertisements.

Summing It Up

StepN Clone development establishes the perfect platform for entrepreneurs to bring a revolutionary application to the Web3 space. The clone application also has the scope to establish an everlasting regular user base.  

The powerful crypto ecosystem, which is developed with StepN Clone servers as a colossal revenue generator for crypto entrepreneurs. To effectively capitalize on this colossal revenue-generating opportunity, it is recommended to avail StepN clone development service from a pioneering StepN clone development company in the crypto space.